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Photo from the premiere, developmental production of my original play
October, 2014 - Jenny Wiley Theatre, Pikeville, KY

SLEEP IN SAFETY-the death of Octavia Hatcher

In the spring of 1891 a young woman, Octavia Hatcher was buried alive in Pikeville, KY. This story contains both historical truth and legendary truth and will surely thrill audiences with its supernatural themes. Here's what audiences said about Sleep in Safety.

"You see there are different kinds of pain. All kinds of pain… There’s the kind of pain that I’m sure you feel when you’ve been lifting things all day…you get that chink in your back and neck… Then there’s the throbbing pain you feel in your head after you’ve had too much whiskey the night before… there’s tooth pain, stomach pain… and the pain in your heart. Now gentlemen I’m not talking about your actual heart… I’m talking about your heart where we hold all things dear… the heart where love resides… and when we lose something dear… sadness… this gentlemen requires something much more… well much more than time." ~the character FREEJACK from Sleep in Safety


A man wakes up after being in a coma for several years. His nurse Audrey has been taking care of him for years. Watch as the story unfolds and discover how he got there, who he is and the identity of the little girl who stood by his bedside. This one-act play is sure to challenge  your audiences. 

"He mopped his face with the hem of his shirt, shielded his brow with his hand, and watched the sunset, as it fell below the level of the clouds, turn the colors of the world both somber and powerful.”  (Beat)  Not exactly the happiest book we’ve read is it? (She puts the book down on the night stand and grabs his hand.)    My husband is a vet.  He fought in the Middle East.  Was never the same after that. (She stands up and walks to the foot of the bed.)  My friends think it’s crazy that I spend so much time with you.  What do you think?  What do you that’s just silly right?  You, think?  (Beat)  Sorry.  How the hell do I know if you think or not?  I hope you do."  ~the character Audrey from The Reason.


An orphaned girl, Kate, is forced to leave her English home and move to America to live with one of her late mothers' brothers.  She's lost it all except for her faithful nanny Nursey. But when she goes to America she finds something she's been missing.  Her life is changed and so is the life of everyone she encounters. This heartwarming story will fill audiences with love and hope.

"You never needed to worry about giving me up Grandma. Choosing to live with you was the best choice I ever made. (She looks left and a little girl walks out) Come here Marie! Let me introduce you to your Great Grandmother, Katherine Anna Coverly. I went to live with her when I was about your age. We had the best Christmas that year! I went there thinking I couldn’t live with a Grandma. And I realized it was she who couldn’t live without me, and her family. That was twenty years ago today." ~ Older Kate a character from "Angel in White".


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